Student Senate

The Student Senate is the Legislative body of the Student Government Association here at Jacksonville State University. The Student Senate meets every Monday at 6:00 pm in the TMB Auditorium.

SGA Code of Laws

The Code of Laws is a compilation of documents that serve as the working foundation for the governance of the Student Government Association of Jacksonville State University. The Code of Laws make possible for each branch of the SGA to have specific rules and regulation in which to govern. They are used to effectively make decisions and resolve issues that arise throughout the academic year.

SGA Constitution

The Constitution is a how to document designed for the purpose of working to carry out a democratic, efficient and responsible student government association. It ensures the representation of the student body.

The Senate is made up of thirty voting members and six committees. The committees are as follows:

Code and Constitution Committee  

This committee serves as the interpreting body of the SGA Code of Laws and SGA Constitution as well as serves as the Student Judiciary Panel alongside the Student Judiciary Advocate. 

Governmental Relations Committee 

This committee works with the external affairs regarding the university. They are charged with following ordinances passed by the Jacksonville City Council as well as bills from the State Legislature that could possibly affect student life here at JSU. They also work alongside the SGA Community Ambassador. 

Organizational Affairs Committee  

This committee is responsible for representing the organizational vote on Senate. They attend Organizational Council meetings and advocate for organizations within the Senate.  

Campus Life Committee  

This committee works alongside the internal affairs of the University. The members are encouraged to attend Student Activities Council as well as volunteer at SGA events throughout the academic year. This committee also examines the facilities on campus and advocates for improvements for the success of students. 

Athletic Support Committee  

This committee is tasked with planning and carrying out SGA Spirit Nights for the University’s athletic teams. This committee works at tailgates as well as advocates for student athletes on the SGA Student Senate. 

Publicity Committee  

This committee works closely with the Vice President of Public Relations in advertising SGA and student events. The Publicity Committee is also commissioned with reaching out to organizations to assist with PR. 

If You are interested in being involved in any of these committees or would like to know more about the Student Senate, please contact the Dean of Students Office: 256-782-5491.