Social Work and Sociology

Social Work class

This department includes two distinct and related academic programs. Each of these programs offers a baccalaureate degree; the Baccalaureate Social Work (BSW) program does not offer nor require a minor but the Sociology program requires either a minor or a second major.  

Dr. Maureen Newton is the Department Head for Sociology and Social Work as well as the BSW Program Director. Dr. Tina Deshotels is the Coordinator for the Sociology Program. Mrs. DaRhonda Hicks is the departmental secretary. 

Are you interested in a Master of Social Work?

Your journey begins on our Graduate Studies website where you can complete an application for admission to the Master of Social Work program at Jacksonville State University.

Have questions regarding making application to the MSW program? Email Ashlee Hanvey or call (256) 782-5348. 

For additional information regarding the MSW program call the JSU Social Work department at 256-782-8208 or email Mrs. DaRhonda Hicks