Emergency Operations Plan

The Jacksonville State University's Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) establishes policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities, and an organizational structure for responding to major emergencies that may impact the campus. The EOP incorporates operating procedures from the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) for handling emergencies. NIMS establishes a uniform set of processes and procedures that emergency responders at all levels of government use to conduct response operations. The EOP has been designed as a strategic plan to provide the administrative procedures necessary to cope with campus emergencies. The University's overall ability to respond to an emergency also relies upon individual building emergency plans and department continuity of operations plans (COOP).

JSU's EOP establishes clear guidelines detailing the appropriate response to disasters and crisis situations. The goal of this plan is to limit the loss of life and property in the event of an emergency or crisis that affects the operations of JSU. The proper use of available resources and personnel is critical to the successful management of emergency operations. The President of JSU or his or her designated representative is responsible for declaring a state of emergency. Once this state is declared, all students, faculty and staff are to adhere to these guidelines. It is imperative to remember that these procedures are guidelines and should be used as a flexible tool in responding to a variety of contingencies.

The JSU Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) PDF