NIMS Training

Jacksonville State University's 2010 NIMS Training Plan was created to formalize Jacksonville State University Police Department's (JSUPD) approach to address NIMS compliance in a consistent manner on campus. Furthermore, the plan will provide details on how JSUPD will notify, train and maintain the records of the hundreds of identified campus personnel who will need NIMS training in support of our campus compliance efforts.

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NIMS Frequently Asked Questions

This NIMS Training Plan is a campus-level plan intended to identify appropriate JSU personnel on the Jacksonville State University's main campus and also its extended campus and personnel at JSU at McClellan.

The plan is a fluid document and will be updated on yearly basis or when appropriate guidance is provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the State of Alabama or local government that necessitates changes or additions to the plan.

The main objective of the JSU NIMS Training Plan is to provide details on the Jacksonville State University's approach to promote NIMS compliance on campus. As a result campus personnel have been identified that are required to complete predetermined NIMS training levels. Additional long-term campus NIMS objectives are consistent with local and state agency NIMS objectives.