In the Event of a Chemical Spill

If you feel that a spill may be hazardous, take the following actions immediately:
  • NEVER attempt to contain or clean up a hazardous material spill unless you are trained to do so.
  • Alert personnel in the vicinity and evacuate the area.
  • Close all doors and turn off air conditioners and heaters, if safe to do so.
  • Activate the fire alarm pull station as you exit the building.
  • Call the JSU Police Department at 256-782-5050 or 911 to report the spill when you reach a safe location.
  • Be prepared to provide the following information to the dispatcher:
    • Your name, location, and call back number
    • Identity of the spilled chemical (if known) and the amount spilled
    • Location of the spill (building, room number, etc.)
    • Known or suspected hazards associated with the spill
    • If personnel have been exposed to the spill, give details on the extent of exposure and any injuries or symptoms the victim(s) may be experiencing.
  • Remain at the location to meet responders when they arrive, and warn others from entering the area.
  • If anyone had contact with the hazardous material, they should be isolated and await treatment by emergency personnel.
  • Do not re-enter the building until told to do so by emergency personnel. In addition, the following actions may be taken as appropriate:
    • Remove contaminated clothing.
    • Flush the affected area with copious amounts of water for at least 15 minutes.
    • Provide first aid if necessary, and you are trained to do so.

Last Updated: 2017