Mail Center

Customer Services

  • UPS Service: You can ship your packages from ground to next-day air through the JSU Mail Center.
  • Mail Carriers: The mail center can provide information for package pick up and delivery for all other carriers, i.e., Fed Ex, Airborne, and DHL.
  • Stamps: We sell first-class stamps both individually and in books, international postage, stamped envelopes, and postage for small packages.
  • Change-of-Address Forms: We have forms for both on- and off-campus address changes.
  • Local and International Faxes: Local faxes may be sent for $1.00 per page, and international faxes for $3.00 per page plus cover sheet.

Students Services

  • Mail Box Assignment: You may have a JSU mailbox assigned to you at no additional cost by requesting one at the service window. All campus mail including financial aid checks, DARS reports, mid-term grades, Who's Who, and any other campus mail will be placed in your mailbox. Mailboxes cannot be assigned via mail, telephone, or fax. Students who do not have a mailbox will be assigned one automatically only if a financial aid award letter or check is received at the mail center. All other campus mail will be returned to the sender for further disposition.
  • Student Financial Aid Check Disbursement: If you have questions about disbursement of student financial aid checks, you may view their status through the Student Access System.
  • Mail-at-Home Option: In order to better serve our students and respond to their requests, the University offers the option of sending University mail to your off-campus address. This would allow you to receive financial aid checks, correspondence, notices, fliers, and other University-related mail at your designated mailing address. When you sign up for Mail-at-Home, your campus mail box with be dropped; any mail in the box will be forwarded to your specified mailing address, and the box will be assigned to another student. If, at a later time, you no longer want to participate in the Mail-at-Home option, you may go to the Student Access System and cancel this service. The fee for this service is $10 per semester for Fall, Spring and Summer.  The fee is non-refundable and will be charged to you account each semester until you cancel it using the Student Access System. You may sign up for Mail-at-Home through the Student Access System.
  • Combination Replacement Card: We can replace lost combination cards at the service window.
  • Summer Mail Forwarding: Students not attending class in the summer, but who plan to return in the fall, may have their first class mail forwarded to them during the summer months.
  • Package Pick-Up Service: You may retrieve packages that are too large to fit in your mail box at the service window.
  • Locator Service: The mail center strives to locate the customer and deliver all mail received regardless of incorrect addresses, misspelled names, illegible handwriting, etc.

Other Inquiries

If you have other mail inquiries, please call us at 256-782-5290.