Office of Clinical Experiences

Student in classroom

Our Purpose

The Office of Clinical Experiences (OCE) was established to coordinate the placement of undergraduate students, alternative certification program students, and graduate program students enrolled in educator preparation programs requiring field placements and internships. We work diligently to foster professional and collaborative partnerships with P-12 schools to enhance the teaching profession. Additionally, the OCE is committed to complying with state requirements to secure field experiences, when applicable, that will lead to the appropriate graduation and/or certification requirements.

About Field Experiences

JSU is committed to complying with state and certification requirements. Per the Alabama State Department of Education’s Administrative Code, field experiences in Class B and Alternative Class A programs are composed of the following:

  • Prior to internship, a variety of early and ongoing field-based contacts in diverse P-12 schools and other appropriate settings that are provided as part of the instructional program available through observation, study of school situations, assisting in instruction, and supervised teaching that contribute to the understanding and competence of the candidate.
  • Extensive field experiences in diverse settings
  • Individuals who are employed in positions appropriate to the area of their current program may complete field experiences on the job, but those experiences must be planned with specific purposes and assessments
  • The majority of field experiences must occur in P-12 schools
  • At least half of the field experiences shall be in the candidate’s teaching field
  • For pre-kindergarten education programs, field experiences must span birth through age 4 in both child care and Office of School Readiness programs
  • For early childhood education and early childhood special education programs, field experiences shall include placements in at least two of the three main types of early education settings [early school grades (K-3), child care centers and homes, and Office of School Readiness programs]
  • For candidates seeking certification in two or more related fields (health and physical education for example), the internship may be divided between the two teaching fields
  • For P-12 programs and individuals seeking certification in music education or collaborative special education at both the K-6 and 6-12 levels, the internship shall be divided between early childhood/elementary and middle/secondary grades

Student Teaching

If you are pursuing a Class B or Alternative Class A initial certification degree, visit the Teacher Candidate area of this site, where you will find an assortment of information regarding practicum experience requirements, internship requirements, placements, forms, and the Student Teaching Handbook.