Use the Academic Catalog for course, credit hours, and other requirements for each major in the School of Arts and Humanities.

You can also access each of the departments webpages to obtain more information:

*All majors require STU 101 First Year Experience for incoming freshmen and students transferring in with less than 24 credit hours completed. Students 24+ years old are exempt from STU 101.

Other Requirements:

JSU requires ALL students to take and pass the ECE Exam. Students are eligible to take the ECE Exam after they have completed EH 101, EH 102, and 48 credit hours. It is highly recommended that students take the ECE Exam upon becoming eligible and not wait until their last semester to take it. Doing so could result in postponement of graduation. ECE Exam Information and Registration.

JSU requires ALL students to take the EPP Exit Exam during their last semester. EPP Exit Exam Information and Registration.