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Distinguished Professor

 Each faculty member eligible to be considered for promotion to this rank will prepare a portfolio for review by their Department Head, Dean, Council of Deans, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the President. All information for the portfolio (Tabs I-V) must be presented in a single approved binder (available, along with tab dividers, in the Office of Provost and VPAA) and must be word processed in the format noted below. Required Summary Cover Form and Attachments A-E can be downloaded in Word or PDF.


  • Must have a minimum of ten (10) complete years in the rank as a Full Professor at JSU prior to application for Distinguished Professor;
  • Must provide a continuous and sustained record of publications, presentations, or creative works at the regional, national, or international level in the discipline;
  • Must have a continuous and sustained record of service to the University and to the discipline;
  • Must provide a brief narrative of the significance of the scholarly or creative activity, service, or any unusual circumstances for the cited accomplishments;
  • Must provide a current CV, and
  • Must be positively reviewed by two (2) of the three (3) outside reviewers, who will be asked to review scholarship and service in relation to the discipline.


  • Summary Cover Form  (Form A);
  • Name and contact information for applicant’s three (3) recommended or suggested outside reviewers, subject to approval by the college dean (Form A);
  • Most recent five years of scholarly accomplishments (Form B-C);
  • Most recent five years of service accomplishments (Form D)
  • Narrative of significant accomplishments (Form E);
  • Attach current CV;
  • One copy to department head by October 1;
  • Dean’s office will duplicate applications for outside reviewers.


  •  Salary supplement of $7500 per year is of limited duration (five years);
  • Renewable for five (5) years; however, the process must be successfully repeated for each subsequent five-year period during each sixth year.


  •  The five university deans will serve as the Distinguish Professor Selection Committee.  A dean from a respective college will bring forth his/her candidate(s) for consideration by the Committee.  Recommendations made by the Committee will be forwarded to the Provost/VPAA for consideration.
  • A maximum of five (5) Distinguished Professor awards may be given per year.
  • If a Distinguish Professor elects to renew his/her status at the end of the five (5) year period, the supplement from the previous award will not be given during the application year six (6). 
  • The decision of the President is final. The single ground for an appeal is that the University’s procedures were not followed.  In such cases, an appeal shall be directed to the University Hearing Committee as per policy in the Faculty Handbook.  It is the responsibility of the appellant to identify in writing any and all perceived procedural violations for the benefit of the Committee.
  • Candidates, who are not successful, may apply again during the regular call for applications each fall semester.


It is the collective opinion of the Council of Deans that the Distinguished Professor rank is a privilege and not a right.  The award is to be viewed as a true honor given to a professor who has markedly distinguished him/herself above others in his/her discipline.  Furthermore, the fact that a faculty member may meet the minimum criteria for Distinguish Professor at the college and university levels does not guarantee he/she will be awarded the honor. 

Policy will be evaluated biennially by the Provost/VPAA.

Revised 8/05/2013


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